This phase defines the direction of the project
by establishing client goals and objectives
through the analysis of the design criteria.
  • Marketing Study Analysis
  • Programming
  • Budget Considerations
  • Agency Criteria Research
    • Governmental
    • Home owners Association
Schematic Design
This phase is the process of synthesizing the
written data gathered in the pre-design phase
into a graphic format. It is in this phase that the project floor plans and elevations take form.
  • Floor Plan Development
  • Elevation Development
  • Preliminary Code Analysis
  • Review Budgetary Considerations
It is often at the end of the Schematic Design
phase that the design review agency requires the submittal of the plans and elevations to
determine conformance with applicable local
  • Agency Design Review
    • Illustrative Floor Plans
    • Rendered Elevations
    • Rendered Street Scenes
Design Development
This phase informally begins in The
Schematic Design phase and now
formalizes and integrates major building
systems and prefabricated elements.
  • Floor Plan Refinement
  • Confirm Preliminary Code Analysis
  • Integrate Structural, Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing systems
  • Consultant and Contractor Coordination Meeting
  • Review Budgetary Considerations